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This year the EuropeanChampionships where held on the nice Island of Sylt in the German Northsea. Sylt beeing an island always offers really challenging conditions as there can be really strong winds with huge waves and massive shorebreak at the same time a really strong current which makes the course racing really challeging and interresting infront of the city of Westerland!

But unfortunatly we did not get those strong winds but only light winds which most of the days where barely enough to get going and go racing! Nethertheless we have had one day with in totall 7 races in very light winds and a racedistance of the the water of over 58 km meassured on a gps! So all riders got quite some challenging there.

After 14 races in total

in the end it was Bruno who took the Euro Title and i finshed in 7th position , which was the best i could get out of myself the materials in those light conditions!

Just hoping for the next events to come with some racing on stronger winds!

By Axel Reese

By Reemedia

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