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World Cup St. Peter-Ording

PLEXIGLAS BOard Best PKRA Racing result from this year so far in St. Peter-Ording that was more then thrilling. i ended up on 3rd position  with only 0.2 point behind second. for me that was a great event as my family with Milo and Malia where also there cheering fro their dad on the beach with the crowd!  Also test the NEW  PLEXIGLAS RIDE Board which was an insane ride through the NorthSea waves and little flat lagunes where i was able to see the water spray away under the board and also the sand and the seashells running by. Great event and i want to get more now… will be of to the worlds on monday in San Francisco!

Course Racing Results

1. Bruno Sroka (Cabrinha, FRA) – 7.6 points
2. Olivier Dansin (North, FRA) – 20.7 points
3. Dirk Hanel (North, GER) – 20.9 points

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